Personalized Omega-3 Optimization Program


3 month supply of Parasol Nutrition’s Omega-3 Fish Oil, (180 softgels) 1 Omega-3 Index Test Kit (no additional lab fee) and personalized dosage recommendations based on your lab results. This kit provides you with proof that our Omega-3 Fish Oil works.

Save up to $32.33 per month


Why test your Omega-3 Index?

Brain Health*

Eye Health*

Immune Health*


Heart Health*

Joint Health*

90% of Americans have below optimal
levels of Omega-3s
Your body is not efficient at making omega-3s EPA and DHA, which are important for your health and well being. Taking our Fish Oil paired with regular Omega-3 Index tests can ensure you reach and maintain an optimal Omega-3 Index.
Omega-3 Index Test has been used by over 100 different
research institutes:
A few words of advice from our certified lab partner and scientific advisory board member OmegaQuant: