Why Us?


Current personalized nutrition or supplement companies are focused on nutrient deficiencies. We agree that removing nutrient deficiencies is fantastic and a step forward, but we prefer to focus on optimizing nutrient levels to generate the most significant health benefit possible. While most other companies are using a quiz or a DNA test, we use actual biomarkers to measure the amount of each nutrient or vitamin your body has access to. By taking this approach, we measure your existing dietary habits and how your body processes the vitamins and nutrients (not based on your memory or what your DNA says you might need) in order to help you make a needed dietary change to optimize your health.

Why Omega-3s?

We started with omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, since there is strong scientific evidence that 90% of the US population is below the desirable range (8%-12%) for the Omega-3 Index. Furthermore, 70% of individuals who say they are taking an omega-3 supplement, usually fish oil, are still below the optimal range!!! Most omega-3 supplements on the market were either formulated years ago or to supplement your diet but this does not work when the US population eats very little seafood. Therefore, we designed our programs and omega-3 supplements to provide you with the dose you need based on your actual blood levels of omega-3 and your seafood intake. We did this with the help of our scientific advisory board and certified laboratory partner OmegaQuant Analytics and the Fatty Acid Research Institute.

Our certified lab partner and scientific advisory board member OmegaQuant works with us to process our Omega-3 Tests

This helps us personalize your dose and helps you by giving you the knowledge that our products work for you.  It also ensures your test results come from a 3rd party certified laboratory.

Parasol Nutrition Omega-3 supplements are formulated based on clinical evidence and guidance from the Fatty Acid Research Institute.